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Preparing Students for Life

The mission of the Tillamook School District is to prepare our students with the academic, artistic, and social skills necessary to become positive contributors to a changing world.

District policies are set by five publicly elected school board members serving four-year terms. The Board generally meets the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. The annual board meeting schedule can be found on the link below. Meeting agendas for upcoming meetings are available by request from the District Office. Meeting minutes and agendas from prior meetings can be found by clicking on the "BoardDocs" link below.

2019-2020 Board Meeting Schedule

District Policies

The decisions made by your School Board greatly influence the quality of student educational programs and services. As an elected body, we can best represent you when you make your interests and opinions known. We encourage you to become involved in school activities at the building level and to attend Board meetings.

BoardDocs (Meeting minutes can be found here)

BoardDocs for Board Members and Administrators

 Current Board Members

Kris Lachenmeier
Board Chair
Board Member since 2011
Current term expires 2023

Michelle Gordon
Vice Chair
Board Member since 2013
Current term expires 2021

Dave Hollandsworth
Board Member since 2009
Current term expires 2023

Eva Manderson
Board Member since 2014
Current term expires 2021

Nick Troxel
Board Member since 2018
Current term expires 2023



"Meeting" means the convening of the Board as the governing body of the district in order to make a decision or to deliberate toward a decision on any matter. The Board has the authority to act only when a quorum is present at a duly called regular or special meeting in open session.

Regular Meetings:

All regular and special meetings of the Board will be to the public except as provided by law (ORS 192.640). All meetings of the Board will be held within the boundaries of the district. No meeting will be held at any place where discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin is practiced.

The first regular meeting after July 1 of each year will be an organizational meeting to elect Board officers for the coming year and to establish the year's schedule of Board meetings, unless a special meeting is called for these purposes.

The meeting schedule will be established at the organizational meeting in July, but may be changed by the Board with proper notice. The purpose of each monthly meeting will be to conduct the regular business of the Board. The Board chairman will conduct the meeting or, in his or her absence, the vice-chairman will conduct the meeting. If both are absent, the person with the longest period of service on the Board will conduct the meeting.

Other special meetings may be convened by order of the chairman, upon request of three members of the Board, the superintendent, or by common consent of the Board members. Statutory notice will be posted at least 24 hours before such a meeting is to be convened (ORS 332.045).

Private or Social Meetings:

Private or social meetings of a quorum for the purpose of making a decision or to deliberate toward a decision on any matter are prohibited by law.

Adjourned Meetings:

A Board meeting may be adjourned to another time if a quorum is not present or if additional business needs to be conducted at the regular time of adjournment.

Additional Meetings:

Special Board meetings give the Board the opportunity to consider a specific topic. These meetings may be called on 24-hour notice.

Executive sessions are not open to the public and are called to discuss personnel, real estate transactions, student discipline, discussions with legal counsel and review of records exempt from public inspection. No final action on these matters may be taken by the Board in Executive Session. Members of the press can attend, but not report on, these meetings.

Board work sessions are held to discuss specific educational issues in depth. No final actions can be taken at these work sessions.

A copy of the meeting agenda along with support materials is sent to Board members in advance of each meeting, so they may study the materials and come to the meeting prepared to question, discuss and take action on agenda items.

Placing an item on the agenda is done by sending your request to the District Administration Office, 2510 1st Street, Tillamook.. Please include your name, address, telephone number and an outline of the topic and any other information that may be helpful to the Board or administration. The Board and Superintendent determine the materials and information necessary for a particular Board agenda item.

You are welcome to address the Board concerning any subject within the Board's authority. The agenda item "Comments from the Audience" is set aside for this purpose, if your item is not on the agenda. Please stand, state your name and identify any group you may represent. Please limit your remarks to three to five minutes maximum. You may have questions that cannot be answered immediately and will take some research and discussion. The Board and/or administration will try to have an answer communicated to you as soon as possible.

Personnel or Personal Matters - In the interest of personal privacy and fairness, it is best to refrain from discussing personnel or personal matters at an open Board meeting. A conference with the Superintendent is usually the best procedure. When necessary, he will inform the Board. Or, you may choose to contact a Board member who will then refer the matter to the Superintendent. In some cases, you may wish to write the Superintendent or a School Board member discussing your particular concern. You will then be contacted and every effort will be made to resolve the problem

Notifications of all Board meetings are posted at each school building and announced on radio station KTIL/KMBD.  If at all possible, we try to avoid changing the date/time of the regular meetings, but if it becomes necessary,  notification of the change will be sent to the schools and KTIL/KMBD.