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Preparing Students for Life

Special Ed Referral Process

Pre-Referral to Special Education

Step One: When a teacher, parent, or staff memeber believes that a student may be in need of additional education services, he or she should bring the relevant information/data to the attention of the district by alerting the school team. The school team may:

  • Provide early assistance to classroom teachers so that a classroom based intervention may be put into place;
  • Utilize building resources and community resources;
  • Write a plan of assistance for the school or;
  • Refer the student for a special education evaluation if the team suspects that the student is in need of special education services. (See step two and three below)

The following activities may help the team to determine what the student's needs are:

  • file review
  • sampling of classroom performance
  • observation by someone other that the classroom instructor
  • academic/behavioral adaptation
  • strategies
  • parent conferences

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Referral for Special Education Evaluation

When the school receives a Referral for Evaluation/Special Services, a team meeting including the parents must be held. Parents must be informed of this referral using the form, Parent Notification For Special Education Referral. Evaluation in all suspected areas of disability is required.

Step Two in Referral Process:

The next step in the process is to review existing data including:

  •  existing evaluations.
  •  information from parents.
  •  classroom based observations and assessments.
  •  observations by teachers and related service providers.

Step Three:

The third step requires the team to determine if additional data is needed.

If YES…Team plans the evaluation and gives Prior Notice About Evaluation /Consent for Evaluation forms to parents concerning the evaluation plan.

If NO…..Team provides Prior Notice About Evaluation/Consent for Evaluation that no additional data are needed and provides information to the parent that they may request assessment if they think it is needed.

A case manager will be appointed to coordinate the special education referral and subsequent evaluation process. The team evaluator (or case manager) must obtain the following completed forms for the district from the parent or legal guardian:

  •  Prior Notice About Evaluation/Consent For Evaluation 
  •  Authorization for Release of Information

Purpose of Evaluation

The purpose of the special education evaluation or reevaluation is to determine:

Eligibility for special education services (or continuing eligibility) and student’s

educational needs which include the following:

  •  How the child can be involved in, and progress in, the general curriculum.
  •  Provide information for present level of education performance as part of the IEP process.
  •  Provide information for goals and objectives as part of the IEP process.
  •  Determine the modifications and supplemental aids and services the student may need.
  •  Provide information for placement considerations.