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Preparing Students for Life

Tillamook School District provides Special Education services at all of the district’s schools.

· K-1: Liberty Elementary

· 2-3: South Prairie Elementary

· 4-6: East Elementary

· 7-8: Tillamook Junior High School

· 9-12:Tilllamook High School

The Wilson River School provides an optional learning environment for high school students.

We also provide Special Education Services to eligible students who are home schooled or attend private schools within the Tillamook School District boundaries.

For more information regarding Tillamook School District’s Special Education services, contact the Special Education Coordinator at 503-842-4414, ext 1040.

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Jill Ingram
Special Education Coordinator
(503)842-4414 Ex. 1040
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Kelsey Petty
Administrative Secretary
(503)842-4414 Ex. 1045
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