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Pay-to-play fees eliminated for 2015/16
After a recent survey at Tillamook High School, it was determined that many students who would like to participate in extra-curricular activities, were not doing so because of the pay-to-play fees. Although Tillamook charges less per activity than any other school in the league, it is unfortunate that many students are missing out on valuable opportunities because of a lack of family funds, or the unwillingness to ask for assistance.
Additionally, there has been a recent evaluation that shows that each of the last five years, fewer and fewer students have been involved in extra-curricular activities in the District. This is a trend that we need to change, in order to give our students the best, most rounded educational experience possible.
Based on this information, the District will suspend all pay-to-play fees on a trial basis for 2015-16 school year. During this year, the District will track and evaluate whether the elimination of a fee, increases the number of students who participate in activities.
Research shows that students who are involved in activities have better grades, higher graduation rates and are more well-rounded students and citizens. The District believes that the revenue lost with the elimination of pay-to-play fees, will be a small price to pay for greater participation, and greater success in school.
If you have any questions about this decision, please feel free to contact me.
Randy Schild