Tillamook school district #9

Preparing Students for Life

Dear Families,
With only 9 ½ days of school left, we have a lot to fit in a short amount of time here at Liberty. We are currently continuing our efforts to get kindergarten students for next year registered. If you know anyone whose child will be five on or before September 1, 2015, please encourage them to come in to Liberty to get their child registered for kindergarten. Parents will need birth certificate, immunization records, picture ID, and a $20 student supply fee. Parents are also encouraged to sign their students up for kindergarten camp at that time. Students who did not attend pre-school or those that attended Head Start are targeted for this program but all are encouraged to apply as there are 45 slots available. Kindergarten camp will be held July 27-August 14 from 8:30-11:30 each day. Lunch will be provided by Grub Club and bussing is offered. This is a great way for kindergarten students to get comfortable with Liberty rules, facilities, and teachers.

This Friday will be our school barbecue for first grade. First grade will also hold their spring music program with a dress rehearsal at 10:00 am and the program at 1:15. Thanks to our first grade teachers for organizing this amazing program!!

Both kindergarten and first grade will be participating in step up days next week. First grade will head to South Prairie on June 4th. Kindergarten will be visiting first grade teachers on June 5th. This is a great way to help with transitions.

It’s been an amazing year here at Liberty. We have the most students we’ve ever had since the restructuring. We also have the highest reading scores that we’ve ever had in first grade. We are proud of our students and staff for helping this be possible. Have a safe and happy summer. We’ll miss you all!!
Sincerely, Jennifer Guarcello, Principal