Tillamook school district #9

Preparing Students for Life

     Welcome to the Tillamook School District web site.

    In Tillamook, we are extremely proud of our teachers, the programs we offer and most importantly the learning our students accomplish. As a district, we are small enough to provide a personalized education experience for each student, while still being large enough to offer extensive programs and services. We are well known across the state for our district-wide natural resource programs, our state champion speech team, our positive school environments and our innovative instructional practices, to name a few.
   Please come visit our schools and see how you can add to the excellent experience students in the Tillamook School District receive.


Tillamook Education Foundation Fundraiser - Amazon Smile

Please keep the Tillamook School District 9 Foundation (aka the Education Foundation) in mind for your charitable donation! Just be sure to always start your shopping on the ​smile.amazon.com site, and be sure to select a charity! We would greatly appreciate your support so we can, in turn, support our students. It is very simple to sign up. Go to ​smile.amazon.com, log in to your account, then select 'Change your Charity' from the 'Your Account' drop-down menu: